NPC Faction System

Most NPCs in Star Wars Galaxies are associated with one of the many factions you will encounter through the worlds. Each of these factions can have both friends and enemies.

Faction Points

General world NPC factions have a numerical points system that determines how they will interact with the player. Players start at 0 points with all of the factions in the world. Based upon the player’s action, they may gain up to 5000 standing or lose stanting down to -5000 with each individual faction.

Friend / Foe System

When the player kills an NPC, they lose faction standing with that NPC’s faction, as well as any factions that are friendly with that NPC’s faction. At the same time, if the NPC killed has enemy factions, the player will increase his standing with those factions. While the Rebel and Imperial factions do follow this same friend/foe layout, their factions also offer more involved options and systems that the general world NPC factions do not.

When a player is friendly with a faction, by having a positive amount of standing points, NPCs of that faction will be neutral toward the player. When the player has negative standing with a faction, NPCs will become increasing more hostile, to the point where they will attack the player on site.

Due to the nature of this friend/foe system, it is possible for players to manage their standing with the various world factions by selectively killing NPCs based on their relationships with other NPCs factions. At this time the only way to increase standing with the general world factions is by killing NPCs, however future updates to the Tarkin server may elaborate on this system.

Types of Relationships

There are essentially three types of relationships the factions have with each other.

Explicit Friendship

  • “You are my friend, because we are friends.”
  • The friendship is made clear by the system, as seen in the chart below.

Implied Friendship

  • “You are my friend, because you are also enemies with my enemy.”
  • The friendship isn’t so clear by looking at the chart, but it is always true.


  • “You are my enemy and I am also your enemy.”
  • The relationship is clear by looking at the table and is always true.

Table of Relationships

Faction Enemies Friends
rebel imperial
imperial rebel
aakuans binayre, fed dub, liberation party
afarathu corsec
alkhara tusken raider
bandit townsperson
beldonnas league followers of lord nyax, lost aqualish corsec
binayre aakuans, corsec, fed dub
bloodrazor canyon corsair, nym
borvo gungan, jabba, trade federation
canyon corsair bloodrazor, nym
cobral restuss
corellia swoop smashball
corsec afarathu, followers of lord nyax, monumenter, rogue corsec, lost aqualish beldonnas league
dantari raiders kunga tribe, mokk tribe, janta tribe
desert demon swoop
donkuwah tribe gondula tribe, panshee tribe
drall corsec, fed dub
endor marauder gondula tribe, panshee tribe
fed dub binayre, drall, liberation party, lost aqualish
flail hidden daggers
followers of lord nyax beldonnas league, corsec
fs villager sith shadow
garyn restuss
gondula tribe donkuwah tribe, korga tribe, pubam, endor marauder panshee tribe
gungan borvo, plasma thief, swamp rat
hidden daggers beldonnas league, corsec, flail rogue corsec
hidden daggers beldonnas league, corsec, flail rogue corsec
hutt naboo security force, narmle, nym, corsec jabba, borvo
jabba borvo, valarian hutt
janta tribe kunga tribe, dantari raiders
jawa tusken raider
kobola narmle, spice collective
korga tribe gondula tribe, panshee tribe
kunga tribe dantari raiders, mokk tribe
liberation party corsec, fed dub
lok mercenaries bloodrazor, canyon corsair
lost aqualish beldonnas league, corsec, fed dub
meatlump beldonnas league, corsec, rogue corsec
mokk tribe dantari raiders, janta tribe
monumenter beldonnas league, corsec
naboo borvo
naboo pirate naboo security force
naboo security force borvo, naboo pirate, plasma thief, swamp rat, trade federation
nightsister singing mountain clan
nym bloodrazor, canyon corsair
olag greck beldonnas league, corsec
panshee tribe donkuwah tribe, korga tribe, pubam, endor marauder
plasma thief gungan
pubam gondula tribe, panshee tribe
restuss cobral, garyn narmle
rogue corsec corsec hidden daggers
rorgungan spice collective
sif hutt
singing mountain clan nightsister
sith shadow fs villager
sith shadow nonaggro fs villager
smashball corellia swoop, corsec
spice collective narmle, kobola, rorgungan
spider nightsister singing mountain clan
swamp rat gungan
swoop desert demon
thug townsperson
townsperson bandit, thug
trade federation borvo, naboo security force
tusken raider alkhara, jawa
valarian jabba

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