Here are some useful tips if you are just starting outin SWG.



  • To start, it is best to do DELIVERY missions from Theed to Moenia, and then Moenia to Theed, rinse, repeat. You can tell which are which from the mission menu by sorting by price, and checking the details of each missions that pays 1,300 creds or more. If the destination says about 13,000 or 14,000 meters to the SE or NW (depending on where you are taking the mission) you are golden. Note that as of the last test center merge, delivery missions may be a bit buggy in that NPCs do not spawn correctly.
  • After you have around 10k (maybe less now) get yourself a swoop. Delivery missions will pay more, but if you want to also level a combat profession during this time, just do combat missions.


  • FIRST! Get novice scout, because every animal you kill should be skinned, boned, or… meated. Until you need the skill points back, there is absolutely no detriment to doing this.
  • ALWAYS group with at least (and probably only) 1 person. They don’t have to be near you or even on the same planet, but ANY combat when you are in a group yields something like a 20% or 25% exp bonus.
  • For the first 4 skills you want in either marksman or brawler, I suggest doing no-buff Theed destroy missions. You are close to a main town for training and any items or weapons you need, and the enemies are nice and easy.
  • As you level up, the missions scale with you, both in pay, difficulty, and exp payoff. You will notice that a Fambaa mission pays near the same as a Nuna mission, but the Fambaa has 5k Health, Action, and Mind, whereas the Nuna has 150. Protip: Go for the nuna missions until you are confident taking down the big guys.
  • When you get into Novice (Whatever), consider getting doc buffs and mind buffs. It’s funny, on this server, docs almost universally work on a “buffs are 5k, but if you don’t have enough, just tip whatever you want!” which is awesome. And as usual, there are usually a few master dancer/master musicians AFK buffing in cantinas. You just need to sit in a chair in front of them, their macro invites you to group, and you just /watch or /listen to get your buffs. Anyways, after you get buffed, head to Narmle on Rori, grab missions to the N, NE, E, SE, or S for SICKLE RASPS. These guys are incredibly weak and their EXP will scale well with your level. I found that I could pound on a lair until 10 or so popped, then I just used my close-range AOE ability to kill them all in one blow as they beat on me.
  • When you are higher up in your tree (I started this at 1001 Rifleman), see about moving on to Tattered Tortons. 1000 exp a kill and TONS of resources per harvest.


  • You are NOT allowed to have more than 1 account on at once.
  • You ARE legally allowed to have 2 characters online FROM THE SAME ACCOUNT at once. You are able to do this by going into your Launchpad somewhere in the options and clicking the box to allow multiple instances. Personally, I would LOVE to see a 1 character per human player rule enforced, but since it can’t or won’t happen, take advantage. There is never any harm in having a 2nd person sitting around sampling energy or minerals for you to use or sell for extra cash.
  • Many benefits to 2 characters are that, with the magic of macros, you can have 2 characters sampling next to each other, and also healing each other for medic exp. How awesome?! Also, each character has 10 building slots, for double the harvesters!
  • A detriment to this is that since people who follow the rules can have an alt getting them all the stuff they need, and people NOT following the rules can have MANY alts getting way MORE then they need, there is less of a demand for your minerals and energy on the market. That being said, though, I did wake up this morning to find 40k worth of stuff I put on the market sell, so that’s good.
  • Harvesters are getting more and more reliable with further updates, but sometimes they can be buggy. If you load em all up with money and energy and start em up, and then a server crash happens within an hour or two, once you log back in go back and check that they are still working. I have lost many a credit due to harvester bugs.

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