Profession Overview

Brawler is one of the basic starting professions that branches off into 4 elite professions: Teras Kasi Artist, Fencer, Swordsman and Pikeman. Brawler also branches off into 2 hybrid professions: Commando and Smuggler. Brawler abilities are designed around personal combat. The abilities include weapon certifications as well as special techniques. The Brawler abilities also have bonuses to hit and to damage (including unarmed bonuses).

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

Experience requirements to master:

  • One Handed Weapons: 91,000 (granted by using one handed melee weapons)
  • Pole-Arm Weapons: 91,000 (granted by using designated pole arm weapons)
  • Two-Handed Weapons: 91,000 (granted by using designated two handed weapons)
  • Unarmed Combat : 91,000 (granted by using vibro knuckler or bare handed)

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