Creature Handler

Creature Handlers are masters of creatures. They have the ability to tame, train, and command pets, which can be a powerful aid. The power of the Creature Handler lies in the power of their pets, as the profession gives no actual weapons skills or defenses. Because of the overpowering strength of the profession at launch, the balancing of creatures made the profession seem nerfed; however, recent changes (publish 21) have improved things significantly by allowing creature handlers to learn pet abilities from their pets and then teach them to other pets.

This profession requires 106 skill points to master, 43 of which go towards prerequisites.

XP requirements to master, including prerequisites:

  • 5,900,000 Creature Handler XP (granted for taming pets, teaching new commands, and killing MOB’s with help from pets)
  • 156,000 Scouting XP (granted for harvesting creature resources, camping, and successfully using Mask Scent/Conceal)

Profession Role Summary

  • Primary Role: Pet Handler
  • Secondary Role: Versatility
  • Offense: N/A (Defined by Pet)
  • Defense: N/A (Defined by Pet)
  • Crowd Control: N/A (Defined by Pet)

Creature Handlers are the ultimate in combat versatility. While they have no innate combat capabilities of their own they are able to fulfill almost any needed role as long as they have a pet with the necessary abilities.

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