Initial Percentage Display

After the Weighted Resource Averages have been found, the Initial Percentage can then be calculated based off of these figures. The Initial Percentage display (IP) is the percentage that the player views on the assembly screen in stage 3 of crafting. This percentage is derived from the WRA for each property and is the average value of each property on the experimentation line. This averaged value is referred to as the Averaged Displayed Percentage meaning that the true value for each line is in effect hidden to the player in some cases since only the average of all lines are displayed. Experimentation lines that only have one property to them will display the full value to the player, however any line with 2 or more properties will only show the average of these properties. To calculate the displayed assembly percentage you need to know the weighted average of all the available properties in a line and then divide that number of properties under that line.

As examples, we will use the previously mentioned lightsaber crafting weighted resource averages found in the Weighted Resource Average section.


Initial Assembly Experimentation Percentage

As can be seen in the screenshot above, there are 2 experimention lines listed for lightsabers. Each of these lines has 4 unique properties each with their own WRA value. The displayed percentages are the average of each of these 4 properties that are unique to each line. We will begin by calculating the initial percentage for each line individually. To calculate the IP for individual lines, the following formula is used:

X = Weighted Average

( X * ( 0.000015 * X + 0.015 ) )
Taking the Experimental Damage line as the first example we see it has 4 properties, each with a weighted average:

Experimental Damage:

  • Attack Speed = 815.5356164383561643835616438356
  • Maximum Damage = 865.2474886
  • Minimum Damage = 865.2474886
  • Wound Chance = 789.79661016949152542372881355929

Putting these through the formula we get Initial Percentages of:

Experimental Damage:

  • Attack Speed = 22.209509371767686245074122724713 %
  • Maximum Damage = 24.2085105769291069494 %
  • Minimum Damage = 24.2085105769291069494 %
  • Wound Chance = 21.203629434070669347888537776496 %

The displayed percentage for the Experimental Damage line however will be:

22.9575399899241423729406651253 or roughly, 23%
Note: Although the displayed percentage may differ from the property’s actual percentage, it is not used in any of the calculations for the item stats. The item stats are still solely derived from each individual property on the experimental line.

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