Medic is one of the Basic Professions that branches off into a handful of unique elite professions. Players will learn the art of healing and curing, as well as the ability to crafting Instant Stimpacks and their optional components.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP Requirements to Master:

  • 309,950 Medical XP (granted by healing damage during combat)
  • 10,500 Medicine Crafting XP (granted by successfully crafting Medical items)

Base Skills Overview

The basic Medic profession compromises three skill sets that are dependent on each other.


No other profession can help players like Medics can. Two branches are devoted to healing. Within these branches are a few of abilities to heal damage, along with skill mods to increase their effectiveness. Bacta Shot is a close-range heal, while Bacta Toss is a ranged heal and Bacta Spray is a ranged area heal. Doctor and Combat Medic each require their own healing branch from Medic.


A branch that highlights the defensive role of the healer, with the first level of health buff as well as the ability to cure some states. The branch leads to Doctor.

Medicine Crafting

The ability to craft low-end Instant Stimpacks. Leads to Bio-Engineer, which has a branch for all advanced medical crafting, including enhancers. While medical crafting is no longer required to be a healer, medicines do increase the efficiency of a healer’s abilities.

Master Medic
First Aid IV: Quick Heal Diagnostics IV: Technical Diagnosis Pharmacology IV: Xeno Pharmacology Organic Chemistry IV: Experimental Chemistry
First Aid III: Field Dressing Diagnostics III: Accelerated Healing Pharmacology III: Combat Medicine Organic Chemistry III: Complex Wound Treatment
First Aid II: Treat Bleeding Diagnostics II: Transport Patient Pharmacology II: Practical Medicine Organic Chemistry II: Enhanced Stimpacks
First Aid I: Simple Bandaging Diagnostics I: Rapid Diagnosis Pharmacology I: Application of Medicine Organic Chemistry I: Basic Wound Treatment
Novice Medic

Medic Commands

This list is incomplete and might contains some commands that will only be available upon reaching more distinct Medic professions like Doctor.
























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